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           Ambassadors for Christ Cross-Cultural Church Ministries 

                                        Ambassadors for Christ Cross Cultural Church Ministries

       Expressing God's Love: Reconciling the Lost

Pastor Yvette DeVine & Elder Mart DeVine

7710 S Westmoreland Rd, Dallas, TX 75237

Phone: 972-576-0074

Thanks for Visiting!

We are a ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit with true worship and praises to God where God's presence will be made known unto His people.

We financially support and establish help for the elderly, sick, homeless, battered, mentally ill, and other such church missions as may develop within our ministry and throughout the city, community, state, and nation.

We feed the hungry, help provide shelter to the homeless and provide other services such as tutoring and counseling for troubled students and parents whenever possible.

We are here to seek and save lost souls, and reconcile people back to Christ so that when Christ returns; we shall be the prepared church without spot or wrinkle.


7710 S Westmoreland Rd

Dallas, TX 75237




10:30am Intercessory Prayer

11:00am Worship Service